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Cylindrical spiral spring
Cylindrical spiral spring

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  • Quality Assurance—Factory original packaging

    Provide product technical information (including installation instructions, product instructions, certificates, etc.)

  • Delivery and installation time guarantee

    Shipped within 7 days, we have carried out the whole process and full performance inspection of the product, and the product will be packaged and shipped after it is confirmed to be qualified.

  • Technology to create quality

    Technology to create high-quality goods-integrity wins the future-ZHONG YI drag chain

01 Brand advantage-high visibility

Participate in machinery and equipment exhibitions from time to time, have its own independent research and development elite team, decades of senior designers, develop machinery with new technology development trends, leading the market, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Milan, Italy, Taiwan, Russia, etc. Many countries and regions!

02Technical advantages-

The company has strong technical force, perfect management, advanced technology, high-end operating system, various skilled technicians, and experienced management personnel at all levels. The design and development concept is novel, the structure is reasonable and beautiful, and the practicability is strong. Our mold manufacturing has high precision, the production departments have strong quality awareness, high efficiency, and quality control. Successfully launched patented products with independent intellectual property rights

03 Quality assurance

The products provided by our company are the original packaging of the manufacturer, and provide product technical information (including installation instructions, product instructions, certificate of conformity, product manufacturing and testing have quality records and testing data, and carry out the whole process, Full performance inspection, after the product is confirmed to be qualified, it will be packed and shipped.

04 Service Advantage

Technical engineers train the technical backbone for you free of charge and enhance the technical strength of the enterprise. Respond to your needs within 24 hours, lifetime technical support and service; quality first, service first. "Active, active and effective" dedicated service is our service tenet.


Cylindrical spiral spring_cylindrical spiral spring wholesale_construction machinery spring_construction machinery spring custom_spring_spring type-cover_dust cover customized_Shandong Zhongyi Company specializes in the production of cable drag chains, bridge drag chains, closed drag chains, small drag chains, light drag chains, cable protective sleeves, springs, compression springs, cylindrical spiral springs, engineering machinery springs, and mining machinery springs. Crusher spring_excavator spring_ZHONGYI cable chain_cylinder dust cover_retractable dust cover_sewn protective cover_canvas protective cover_flame retardant protective cover_dust cover_dust cover_retractable dust cover Cover_Cylinder Dust Cover_Zippered Protective Cover, Sewing Protective Cover, Screw Protective Cover, Screw Dust Cover, Zippered Protective Cover_JR-2 Type Rectangular Metal Hose_DGT Type Conduit Protective Cover_Machine tool work Light_plastic drag chain_engineering plastic drag chain_steel drag chain_steel aluminum drag chain_cable drag chain_nylon hose_electrical piping_silent drag chain_TLG steel drag chain is a large enterprise.

  Supporting equipment for large machinery enterprises in more than 40 countries in the world. There are hundreds of models for you to choose from behind each product! Its product performance and market share are far ahead of similar products at home and abroad. And continue to expand in the machinery industry at a very fast speed. Today, our company is full of talents, with a group of highly educated, experienced, and innovative employees. Has long been engaged in the development and professional design of machine tool accessories, and has accumulated valuable experience. It can be supplied according to customer needs, according to domestic and international standards, or according to the design and production of various special-shaped products. Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our company for inspection and guidance! Order by letter

  • Cylindrical spiral spring

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